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General Entries

General comments or techniques that are not camera specific.

A free table top photographic studio lighting set up - If you want to photograph small objects - possibly to sell on-line - you need to light them appropriately. This is my own free table top solution - I've had many variants of this over the years, but this is the one I use currently to photograph my own hand crafted jewellery to sell on my own web site.
Taking photographs of hand made products to sell on-line - If you sell hand made crafted items on sites such as Etsy and your own web site, you want the best possible photographs. This article is about getting the best from your compact camera and explains some of the most common pitfalls and how to address them.
Gig photography with a compact camera - With the advent of inexpensive compact digital cameras with good low light ability, more and more people are wanting to take photos of gigs they attend, so these are some quick tips to get the best from your camera.
How far do things move during shutter actuations? - How far do things move during shutter actuations - a posing family group clearly aren't as much of a risk as a fast moving athlete or racing car, but just how far might your subject move during the time the shutter is open?
The Thecus Y.E.S. Nano N1050; is it any good? - The Thecus Y.E.S. Nano N1050; is it any good? It's been getting a lot of forum attention recently as it's very inexpensive, uses AA batteries and you can fit your own notebook drive. I'm pretty happy with mine . . .
I hope that it will focus my mind! - Why a blog site - I'm hoping that it might help discipline me better into getting some work finished!

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